Raptor Polymer Nails


RAPTOR® Plastic Nails are the perfect hold down method for fixing your work material to your spoil board whilst cutting. Faster and safer than using screws, they fix and hold like glue and can be machined if accidentally placed close to toolpaths.

Easy to remove with a sharp lateral hit with a hammer, or by utilising a multi-tool with a saw attachment.

1 box contains approx. 2350 nails.

Please note, these are designed exclusively to work with the Omer range of nailers. You can find the suitable nailer here. The nails are 15g, and may or may not work with an exisiting 15g nailer of a different brand. We can not ensure its success in any nailer other than Omer.

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RAPTOR® Plastic Nails & Staples can be cut, sanded, sawed and shaped without blade or abrasive damage, never rust, corrode or promote electrolysis, are completely non-metal, accept stain and paint, are available in colors, are lightweight, and can be used in MRI, RF, and microwave applications. These features translate to valuable benefits for manufacturing industries such as Timber and Lumber Processing.



Can be worked like wood: RAPTOR® fasteners can be cut, shaped and sanded with the wood without damaging bits, blades or abrasives.

Save time/labor: RAPTOR® fasteners can be left in and do not need to be removed. They will not rust, stain, de-laminate or cause problems. RAPTOR® fasteners eliminate down-time.

Save money: RAPTOR® fasteners will save on bit, blade and abrasive damage and the down-time to replace bits, blades or abrasives from metal nail damage so manufacturing costs are reduced.



Won’t deteriorate wood: The thermal conductivity of metal nails causes condensation of moisture at the surface of the nail which promotes corrosion and wood deterioration. RAPTOR® fasteners are similar to wood in their thermal conductivity, so they do not cause condensation, corrosion and wood deterioration.

Save time: RAPTOR® fasteners sand down with the wood and accept stain so there is no need to putty, saving one step in production and the appearance is better than putty.

No electrolysis or galvanic corrosion: RAPTOR® fasteners are completely non-metal and cannot rust, oxidize, corrode or cause galvanic corrosion of other metals.


Natural Bonding: The shaft of the nail or staple fuses permanently with the material creating a powerful interfacial bond between the fastener and the material.

Strong Holding Power: Has twice the tensile holding power compared to similar sized steel fasteners.

High Quality Results: RAPTOR® creates a longer lasting, high quality end product.