Z Head Lubrication – Fuchs Renolit LST 00


Flow Grease for YetiTool SmartBench and other machine automatic and manual lubrication systems

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Comes with an applicator lid and integrated cap, making it easy to apply lubricant to Z Head lead screws. Applicator nozzle can be clipped at various steps to control the flow of lubricant.

RENOLIT LST greases are semi-synthetic gear greases containing anti-oxidant and metal deactivator additives.

Due to their thixotropic properties, RENOLIT LST GREASES function as liquid lubricants within the contact zone of the gear system, whilst retaining their grease structure in the outer (non-working) zone.

Consequently, this characteristic serves to minimise the risk of leakage from the gear unit and the ingress of contaminators, even under the most arduous operating conditions.