Trading In Your Router Bit For A Drag Knife: Vinyl Cutting With Smartbench

Home vinyl cutting popularity has soared in recent years, with hobbyists investing in desktop vinyl cutters to produce their own creations – from crafting and painting, to woodworking and even some electronic applications.

However, the leap from hobbyist to business owner can seem far with the pressure of mass production being limited by a vinyl cutter’s compact size, restricting their throughput.

What can be difficult to find is a machine that can cut multiple operations on one sheet, which saves time, material and therefore money.

The vinyl cutting workflow translated perfectly to SmartBench, as both implement the use of CAD/CAM design software. We used a large 8ft by 4ft self healing cutting matt as a spoilboard, and held down the vinyl sheet using contact adhesive spray.

Using 3D printing we prototyped a part, which attached to SmartBench’s z-head to hold the drag knife in place.
Once the cut was done, the geometric shapes were lifted easily out of the sheet. This experience has opened up a whole new world of capabilities for SmartBench, and has even sparked some more ideas of things to try in the future. Watch this space to find out more about our vinyl cutting solution!

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