PrecisionPro+ Upgrade Kit


Upgrade your SmartBench V1.3 PrecisionPro to a PrecisionPro + today and unlock the addition of YetiPilot, our AI Milling function. YetiPilot listens and monitors the tool, adjusting your feeds and speeds for you. This means you can save time through job optimisation, reduce job failure, and extend tool and brush life. Please check your machine serial number to see if you are eligible for an upgrade. Serial numbers eligible are from and including SmartBench serial number YS61322.

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  • YetiPilot V1.0
    • Reduced new material feeds and speeds learning curve
    • Auto job strategy optimisation
    • Ever increasing preset profiles based on material type, cutter dia and cutter type.
    • Custom profile feature where you can create your own adaptive feed profile
    • Blunt cutter job fail protection.
    • Spindle health check
    SC2 spindle
    • Advanced 50 millisecond reporting with expanded spindle data metrics
    • Live load sensing
    • Live speed feedback
    • Live temperature
    • Higher resolution failsafe shutdown counter
    • Brush life stored locally on the spindle


Model: SC2
Speed: 4,000 – 25,000 rpm
Speed Control: Digital
Auto Tool Stop: Yes
Advanced reporting: Yes
Power: 1000 watt
Collet: ER16 – Max shank 10mm (0.394”)
YetiPilot V1.0
Cutter Dia 3mm – 10mm
Materials Wood based boards
Cut types Profile & Pockets
Adjustment rate 200 milliseconds
Adjustment range 10% – 200% of original feed rate
Health check Yes
Shipping dimensions
Length: 380mm (14.96”)
Width: 190mm (7.48”)
Height: 100mm (3.94”)
Weight: 2kg (4.5lbs)