Large format, portable smart CNC router.

$ 13,850 + GST


Large format, portable smart CNC router.

$ 13,850 + GST


This video show some main features of our SmartBench. Explore how it can improve your work.

Unrivalled Value

Industry level routing technology at a competitive price. Why wouldn't you?

Packed with professional features, designed to be easy to use and priced for a revolution, it’s hard to say no.

Ease of Use

You don't need a degree

We’ve taken the complexity out of CNC technology and made our smart tools easy to use. Touch screen assistance and easy workpiece loading makes SmartBench simple to operate.

Quality you can rely on

An accurate and reliable workhorse

Intelligent software works with prevision components to reliable deliver accurate, finished parts. SmartBench achieves a tolerance of +/-0.5 mm or better over a 2.5m distance.


Not just for the workshop

SmartBench can fit into a standard vehicle, and is quick and easy to set up. With it’s light aluminium frame it can go from van to cutting within 10 minutes.

Big Capabilities

8 x 4 Sheets and 4.0m worktops - not a problem.

Full reach over its entire working area means that sheets only need loading once. Better still, there is no limit to the length of countertops.

Multi Materials

Timber Sections, Composite Panels, Plastics and Many More

SmartBench can cater for a full range of varying materials, meaning one tool covers all your needs. Even small/thin materials can be safely held and processed.

Improve Efficiency

Speed up your workflow and decrease your job time

Cut a worktop joint, including hockey-stick profile and pockets, all in under 10 minutes. SmartBench can process multiple cutting operations and dramatically improve your job time, leaving you to get on with other tasks.

Find out more

See how SmartBench can help you create, make and fit.

Whether you’re a maker, a kitchen fitter, a joiner or an educator, SmartBench opens up a whole new world of possibilities.