Large format, portable smart CNC router.


A$14,790 + GST


Large format, portable smart CNC router.

A$14,790 + GST

Large Format Icon

Large Format

Process full 2500 x 1250mm sheets (8ft x 4ft)
Now you too can work with industrial sized sheet material, whatever your environment. With full reach over its entire working area, don’t be afraid to think big.

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Easy To Use

New to CNC?
Get started in no time with SmartBenchs intuitive touchscreen console and ground-breaking cutting apps that allow you to design and cut without having to leave your workshop.

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Space Friendly

Don’t lose real estate
Don’t want to use a large format CNC router all the time? No problems, pack down your SmartBench in just 3 minutes, and store away when not in use.

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Easy to justify
Our goal is to make CNC accessible to everyone, not just large businesses with deep pockets. You won’t find another large format CNC machine that comes close to our price range.

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Full 3D Routing

With X, Y & Z axis control, bring your ideas to life with true 3D routing.

  • 150mm of Z travel
  • Carve across the entire width and length of the work piece
  • Depth of carve limited to cutter length and material types

Multiple Materials

SmartBench allows you to process a wide range of materials

Timber based materials
Solid surface materials
Hard & soft plastics
Non-ferrous metals

Accurate and Repeatable

Intelligent software works with precision components to reliably deliver accurate finished parts.

  • Finished part tolerance starts from +/-0.5mm
  • Listen to your cut and improve your results with “on the fly” real-time control of cutting feeds and speeds.
  • Automatic squaring from your touchscreen console.
  • Easy to use calibration walk through app.

Transport and Pack Away

3 minutes is all it takes to get cutting

Take to the job, SmartBench fits into a standard SWB van
All sections can be easily handled by one person
Conveniently store away when not in use
Set up on un-even surfaces with height adjustable feet

Control In Your Hands

SmartBench’s intuitive touchscreen console revolutionises the CNC workflow and allows you to start cutting with ease.

Intuitive tabbed workflows

We’ve taken inspiration from mobile and PC manufacturers and separated the workflow process into simple tabbed screens to allow you to stop scratching your head and get to work.

Total connectivity

Get software updates & transfer files directly to SmartBench via Wi-Fi or USB

Improve Efficiency

Speed up your workflow and decrease your job time

Cut a worktop joint, including hockey-stick profile and pockets, all in under 10 minutes. SmartBench can process multiple cutting operations and dramatically improve your job time, leaving you to get on with other tasks.

Which SmartBench is for you?

All versions come with the great features outlined above, here’s a brief list of feature variations to chose from


ZHead V2
Yeti SC1 Spindle
Digital speed control
ER16 collet
Auto tool stop if spindle under too much load


ZHead V2
Dual Z Axis lead screw to improve rigidity
Yeti SC1 Spindle
Digital speed control
ER16 collet
Auto tool stop if spindle under too much load
Real time spindle load display
Laser X/Y Datum setting system

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Whether you’re a maker, a kitchen fitter, a joiner or an educator, SmartBench opens up a whole new world of possibilities.