Routing Fretwork

Fretwork Panels are decorative, geometric designs that are often used to jazz up housing interiors – which is exactly what we intend to use ours for.
Traditionally made using a Fretsaw, the introduction of CNC routers and laser cutters has revolutionised the workflow of these intricate ornaments, as the work by hand is often time consuming, repetitive and allows little room for error.

To design the Panel, we found a cellular image of a leaf on Pinterest. We then took that raster image and converted it using a vector program, translating perfectly with CAD software. Once we had the leaf pattern all we had to do was input the measurements and voila! Our custom fretwork panel had been digitised.

Using a USB stick we transferred the file to SmartBench, loaded a sheet of MDF, set up EasyCut and pressed go.
Once SmartBench had done it’s thing, it was time to decorate. First we covered the panel with sealer, then we gave it two base coats of white acrylic paint.

Having been given free creative range with the Panel’s paintjob, we decided to use this opportunity to experiment. We got out all the paints, laid the panel on the ground outside, and proceeded to dribble colour over the fretwork with some form of structure in true Jackson Polluck fashion.

Once our masterpiece was dry, it was time to install it. Ed was chuffed with our creation, and proudly fitted it to the wall beneath his stairs where hurrah – it fit perfectly!

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