A Self-replicating Cnc?

One benefit that comes with building a machine intended to be used for making, is the somewhat seamless integration of partial self-replication. Self replicating machinery is not a new concept, with early speculations dating as far back as the 1940’s, with John von Neumann’s Universal Constructor. It should come as no surprise that the fundamental

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Yetitool Attends Makerfaire Paris

Yetitool were honoured to receive four Maker of Merit ribbons at this years MakerFaire Paris. The convention was home to an overwhelming abundance of talent, creativity and innovation, with an atmosphere that both welcomed and inspired all visitors and participants. Their exhibit (featuring SmartBench) remained busy throughout the weekend, offering in-depth conversations about the capabilities

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Routing Fretwork

Fretwork Panels are decorative, geometric designs that are often used to jazz up housing interiors – which is exactly what we intend to use ours for. Traditionally made using a Fretsaw, the introduction of CNC routers and laser cutters has revolutionised the workflow of these intricate ornaments, as the work by hand is often time

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Trading In Your Router Bit For A Drag Knife: Vinyl Cutting With Smartbench

Home vinyl cutting popularity has soared in recent years, with hobbyists investing in desktop vinyl cutters to produce their own creations – from crafting and painting, to woodworking and even some electronic applications. However, the leap from hobbyist to business owner can seem far with the pressure of mass production being limited by a vinyl cutter’s

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